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Silent Wind Chime

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Silent Wind Chime

“Silent Wind Chime” is an unusual name for a piece of art known for its visual and musical beauty, yet the name is appropriate for the H. Gigous & Family “wind chime.” In our world today we’re often surrounded by sound, even blatant noise. The silent wind chime allows an individual to enjoy the beauty of art work with peaceful silence.

The silent wind chime creates an optical illusion that confuses one’s mind and eyes—the eyes perceive the marble moving vertically while the mind registers no movement at all. Purchase one for your own enjoyment, or as a gift to bring beauty into the life of someone you love.

Specifications: 10.75 inches long, 1.5 inches diameter at the top to 1.25 inches diameter at the bottom. The wind chime body is made of copper and includes a glass marble in the middle, all suspended by clear fluorocarbon line.

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