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Yukon Bread Board

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How we hand craft your Yukon bread board

We make Yukon bread boards out of the same four hardwoods, black walnut, red oak, cherry and hard maple, from which we make the Yukon bread knives. The bread board is cut in the desired shape and then sanded using various grits of sand paper until the desired smoothness is achieved. The Yukon bread board is then treated with mineral oil which highlights the grain and protects the wood.

Black Walnut

Hard Maple


Red Oak
Cat. No. Length Width Height Price Purchase
YBB (Black Walnut) 18" 5 1/2" 3/4" $25.00
YBB (Hard Maple) 18" 5 1/2" 3/4" $25.00
YBB (Cherry) 18" 5 1/2" 3/4" $25.00
YBB (Red Oak) 18" 5 1/2" 3/4" $25.00

Suggested care for your Yukon Bread Board

We recommend the Yukon bread board be used primarily to cut bread, using other cutting boards when slicing vegetables and meats. Although the bread boards have been sealed with mineral oil, water has a tendency to raise the grain of the wood especially oak and, to a lesser degree, black walnut and cherry. Hard maple is least likely to have its grain raised when dampened. We suggest wiping the bread board with a clean dry cloth after use. To maintain the bread board you should occasionally apply mineral oil to the board, wipe off the excess and allow to air dry overnight. If your bread board should accidentally come in contact with water and the grain is raised you may restore the finish by lightly sanding that area starting with 120 grit sand paper and then finish sanding with 220 grit. Once the smoothness has been restored you may apply mineral oil to the board, wipe off the excess and allow to air dry overnight.

In addition, we suggest that before you use your Yukon bread board you examine both sides and select the side with the grain pattern you most enjoy viewing, then use the opposite side to cut your bread. The unused side is also utilized by some who choose to serve their breads from the bread board. The bread board would normally be stored with the "cutting" side down. An area where many have chosen to keep their bread board and knife is their kitchen counter as they are attractive items to display. This is also a very convenient location encouraging you to use your Yukon bread knife and bread board frequently.

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