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Yukon Bread Knife

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How we hand craft your Yukon bread knife

We make Yukon bread knives out of four hardwoods: black walnut, red oak, cherry and hard maple. A straight-grained board of the desired specie of wood is selected and the rough shape of the handle is cut from the board. Thereafter the handle is shaped and sanded until the final sanding leaves the handle with a polish as though it had been waxed. The handle is then hand rubbed with oil and buffed until a satin finish is achieved.

Next, a stainless steel blade is attached with stainless steel screws. The stainless steel blade will neither rust nor tarnish over years of service. This stainless steel blade is serrated and hollow ground on both sides of the serrated edge and has a thickness of 0.016 of an inch. The combination of the serrated, hollow ground very thin blade allows the blade to cut bread, meat or vegetable with very little friction and hence very little effort.

We suggest you keep your Yukon bread knife on your kitchen counter as it is not only decorative but that location makes it more convenient to use. Each Yukon bread knife comes with a cover for the blade when not in use.

Suggested uses for your Yukon bread knife

The Yukon bread knife has a number of uses for which it is uniquely suited such as:

  1. Cut very warm bread right from the oven or bread machine without squashing the bread.
  2. Slice very ripe tomatoes.
  3. Slice all types of vegetables such as cucumbers, potatoes...
  4. Slice roast-especially very thin pieces for sandwiches.
  5. Cut angel food cake (once the angel food cake has been halved).

Please note when ordering a Yukon Bread Knife to select not only the type of wood used in the handle but whether you want a right-handed or left-handed Yukon Bread Knife.

Black Walnut

Hard Maple


Red Oak
Cat. No. Length Width Height Price Purchase
YBK (Black Walnut - Right Handed) 17" 2" 3/4" $35.00
YBK (Black Walnut - Left Handed) 17" 2" 3/4" $35.00
YBK (Hard Maple - Right Handed) 17" 2" 3/4" $35.00
YBK (Hard Maple - Left Handed) 17" 2" 3/4" $35.00
YBK (Cherry - Right Handed) 17" 2" 3/4" $35.00
YBK (Cherry - Left Handed) 17" 2" 3/4" $35.00
YBK (Red Oak - Right Handed) 17" 2" 3/4" $35.00
YBK (Red Oak - Left Handed) 17" 2" 3/4" $35.00

Suggested care for your Yukon bread knife

When the Yukon bread knife is used to cut bread, the blade may be cleaned by wiping with a clean, dry cloth. If the Yukon bread knife has been used to slice meat or vegetables we suggest the blade be cleaned using a cloth with warm soapy water. Since the knife has a wooden handle it is not advisable to place the knife in a dishwasher. The handle has been finished with oil and should be maintained by occasionally applying a small amount of mineral oil to the handle with a soft cloth and rubbing the oil into the wood.

Always replace the blade cover on the bread knife when not in use. The cover should be placed on the blade from the back of the blade (the unsharpened side) so that if your finger happens to slip while replacing the cover, the sharpened side of the blade will not accidentally nick your finger. The blade is stainless steel and should never need to be sharpened. However, if at some time in the future you believe it needs to be sharpened and cannot find someone locally to sharpen the blade, we will gladly perform that task for you. Simply mail the knife to us with prepaid return postage and we will resharpen or replace the blade at no cost and return the knife to you.

We suggest that you keep your Yukon bread knife on your kitchen counter where it will not only be convenient to use but also serve as a decorative item.

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